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Default Re: Are the Laws of Physics Wrong?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Why does a gravitating body ONLY do work on an object when it is moving? The gravitational field is there all the time.
Because a stationary object in the gravitational field will FALL unless it is restrained by a force. Then it won't. (Say.) That force is unmoving and therefore no work is being done.

Forget about nerves and ATP, consider the following example. I am on a steep hill in my car and I take the handbrake off. Instead of rolling back down the hill I have my clutch part way out and the accelerator pedal slightly depressed. The revs of the engine combined with clutch control stops the vehicle rolling back down the hill. The car engine is therefore doing work but yet the car is not moving. How is this possible?
I searched in vain for a good analogy for muscular effort the other night. This is it. When a human lifts a weight, his muscular function is exactly analogous to a slipping clutch. Humans do work to create a force. Machines don't.

Going back to the example of the rock sat on the surface of the Moon, on a quantum level you could indeed consider that the gravitational field was doing work on the stationary rock.
That's a FAIL. It's just exerting a force upon it.

Between atoms there is mainly space and what stops the atoms of the rock and the lunar surface combining in the gravitational field is an electrostatic repulsion in the other direction.
ALL gravitational fields pass through ALL materials without exception. You would get NOTHING in a physics paper for this.

This electrostatic repulsion is continuous and therefore the electric charges in the atom are continually doing work.
The electrostatic repulsion is FRICTIONLESS. Quantum rules. No work can ever be done upon them, (let's not consider electrochemical energies right now) except in the following manner:
ANY work done in the readjustment of an electron orbit will either require a photon input or produce a photon as output.
No atomic nuclei are ever exposed outside of nuclear fission or fusion.
All we EVER "feel" are the repulsions of such electron orbits.
EVEN when a tank is penetrated by an anti-tank round (possibly one of the hardest man-made impacts), NO nucleus of an atom of the metal of the round gets anywhere near contacting any nucleus of an atom of the metal of the tank.
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