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Default Re: Are the Laws of Physics Wrong?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Well how about the following example. Two teams contest in a tug of war. While both sides take the strain pulling either end of the rope and the red rag tied at the centre of the rope is not moving, you claim no work is being done. According to work done = force x distance, work is only ever done when the red rag is moving. Bravo, bravo! I could go on and on, there are so many other examples I just couldn't think of them all! And you claim I have a fail in physics?
That again is an example of musculature emulating a slipping clutch, and has nothing to do with simple mechanics. Do you KNOW how muscles work?
Engineering solved three hundred years ago the problem of how to avoid human beings doing WORK while in a motionless state. They used a RATCHET. As in a vehicular handbrake lever. The pawl locks the mechanism which remains under tension.
Because you wilfully will not understand the science of mechanics you believe the millions of engineers who preceded you have all missed something essential.
Any year ten science book will show you otherwise.
Waste your own time attempting to prove it wrong if you must. You won't.
The principle of how work is done is one of the most basic principles in Physics. It's less than 1% of all the physics theory there is, yet underlies all else.
If you cannot understand this clearly you're in a world full of pain, full of misconception after misconception. Yes, FAIL.

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