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Default Re: Connecting people

Firstly you are obviously a whizz on the compy and I am new to chat rooms in that I have joined 1 or 2 before but have even struggled with like actually posting threads etc- what can I say when you are new to stuff. What is IM and IRL? Its interesting as despite being into the paranormal, new age and stuff beyond the "physicall worldy normalities", an interest in UFO's for me, has been switched on due to watching conspiracy related material on the internet and reading the Montauk series books by Peter Moon and the other guy (not at home to check book-my memory is near useless!). I am very open minded in that I can be open to new theories providing there is evidence and a logic behind them. So I think we are sitting on a planet of very closed minded human beings who aren't even allowing them selves to even see aliens as a possibility, which it is and also the possibility that they have already been here for thousands of earth, or even "made" humans.

To be quite frank, I have now reached a point (which few other people seem to have or isn't widely discussed) where I do actually question the sheer problems we have here as a race. I find it very hard to believe that having been on the planet for well a bloody long time, that we are so divided as a a race. The insanity of recognising differences before similarities. I just don't get how people in this day and age can even can be racist, or homophobic etc, and just down right stupid when it comes to dealing with silly little differences and emotions. We are very (supposedly!) intelligent beings, with our own minds (again debatable) and I do question if this is even a normal evolution of such a race. All these human hang-ups are not created within society but within ourselves and our minds- our mass consciousness if you like. Why are we so damn insecure and how do petty things even matter when we have genuine problems to deal with in our world like cancer, AIDS, starvation and even if we are going to render the planet useless before we have somewhere else to go / deal with it properly?

Basically I think it is a possibility that the way humanity has evolved is NOT its natural way of evolution and even "normal emotional reactions" seem not right and have been twisted beyond recognition. Ok to a degree I recognise emotions are powerfull but what the hell has happened to our minds and rationality? There is some serious stunted / inbalanced growth there surely? Some areas of evolution has excelled others stunted-why such the big rift? Food for thought, got to go out now.Bye till lm back. Oh yeah Im female and 32 just so you know something!
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