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Default Re: I have suffered from depression and need to talk.

[quote=albie;63317]You know, YOU may be miserable and want to blame it on a conspiracy. But there are plenty of happy people in the world and they just see you as mentally ill. The vast majority of people do not feel like you do. They are, and always will be, unconvinced by your unfounded belief in an evil secret government. YOU know that, that's why you came here to post, where you presumed you'd find people who DO believe. Because you know full well that the world will never share your view.

There is a lot of suffering in the world and a lot of unhappy people aswell, I dont deny the many happy ones but I don't think the "happy ones" realise how many unhappy ones there are (and how much suffering there is). It is fact that more people have dirty water than clean, more people live in poverty than don't. I knew there was a lot but, having seen the figures in various respected magazines and from scientific research it was worse than what I thought. People are becoming more aware, hence there being a lot of charities being created and the work of existing charities is expanding. However, I don't think it is mentally ill to find this world "challenging emotionally" or however you want to describe it. I think some people just allow themselves to see more and when they do, they naturally find it upsetting and feel pretty helpless. I think this is called being human, unfortunately too many of us in the more developed countries can't see the extent of this, being too pre-occupied with our material world.
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