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Originally Posted by marypopinz View Post
Yikes, Scooby!

A must read is A MUST READ.

I have spent the last few days learning about the world on the net. I'm a book junkie and the net is a dream come true 4 me.

Children have and will always be a target in the Satanist mind. Children are the future they would like to completely control. I believe Hitler attempted to brainwash the youth. I have also come to the conclusion that some of the proginy of his thought patterns are alive and running the show, just beneath the surface of our "free" world.

Down in the states, they're flagging free citizens to round up pre-martial law and post martial law. Apparently the same thing is happening here in Canada. There are talks of secret concentration camps that have already been erected and boxcares with shackles and guilotines.

The banking boys seem to be propping up the Canadian dollar in preparation for the rise in interest rates that is to set the U.S. on it's knees, into an awful economic depression, under the iron fist of martial law.

Canada sells to the U.S. and we need to think about that one for a moment. Think of the taxes on our lumber, the natural gas that is stolen by both their government and our own, the Canadian water being sold by American companies to Americans.

Yellowstone Park is anothing disturbing thought. The possibility of an eruption of that magnitude.

Thinking about the effects of nuclear testing on the Van Allen belts and the new belts that have been created. Thinking about the chemtrails and the flouridated water system.

Thinking about God. :-)

What must God think about this? :-o

God is allowing us to see with our own eyes the evils of our society which are preying on the future, our future. The future of our children is what the parent of society needs to concern themselves with.

My life used to be made up of things, now it is created by relationships with people; my family and my friends. I am truly blessed.

Advertising made the world sing the coke song and the cocaine is definitely blowing around North America.

From: <>
Subject: An apology to the editor from Mary XXX, Canuckistan (Canada-53rd state)
Sent: December 4, 2004 10:19:13 PM

Please accept my humblest apologies...

When I was a child, I learned the Canadian national anthem and believed it meant something. I was naive enough to believe that the words, "Our true north strong and free", were true.

When I was a child, I was taught with love and compassion, the faith of Christianity and that Jesus loves every child and God created all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small.

Who are we, as Christians, to bomb and invade sovereign nations? Canadians may no longer excuse the actions of their government nor the improprieties of those governments of neighbouring "friendly" nations.

I am so sorry. My song is my way of apology.


Mary XXX

Do you know the way to Iraq (San Hose)

Do you people not understand what conscription is in Saddam Husseini land
I've got friends who fought in the wars; they believed it was justice that they were fighting for
When a man is trained to fight by taking from him six years of his life
He's a trained mercenary
Protecting his own land from what could be...
The lies he sees

Uncle Sam has his eyes on their oil - sending our boys to death, the truth is certain to be told
Children dying, fathers fighting, occupation that they just wont stand anymore
What the hell is peace and justice? What is this world coming to my dear?
Everyday another son dies,
Sexy dossiers and too many lies
Osama who? Iraq is blue!

I'm not going stand for this sh*t
911 a farce - they knew they were going hit
I've got kids and I am a mom; what the hell would I do if I knew I were to be bombed
Iraqi women cry and pray - begging God for just another day
When a page in history turns
Ignorance will certainly learn
The truth will be for all to see

Iraq is just another Vietnam but they wont pull out this time, they're going steal all that they can
Cheney's got his oil company - contractor fraud - its going to be a sham, just wait and see
Rebuild Iraq, now that's a joke; Argentina - didn't they go broke?
Its all about utilities
Mass enslavement and monopolies
Open your eyes, big business lies

Education is the answer - children must learn racism is societies cancer
In all places there is good and bad - they're just faces, cultures, children, armies and races
Money is the God of choice - who will give the children a voice
Mum is bread out of society
What has happened to democracy
The working poor are blind no more.

forever searching that 100th monkey
a concerned Canadian mum XXX
Do you agree that Hilter was just a puppet, a manipluated front man??

Can you believe that a mother and father would gladly and proudly send their children off to war and we have been doing it for decades and you dont think we haven't all already been brainwashed by a fascist regeim. Good lord man we are the goyim, we are cattle, slaves to them, we are ruled and we think we are free as we drink ourselves through an alcoholic haze into the abyss.

May the Lord God in his mercy save us.

PS liberalism is also their invention for us.

Has anyone here read the protocols of Zion??

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