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Default Re: Are the Laws of Physics Wrong?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Two men of exactly the same physical strength push two differing weights mounted on sets of wheels. If the weight pushed by the second man is exactly double that of the firstís and is pushed through the exact same distance, each man could not have performed the exact same amount of work while pushing with the exact same force. On the contrary the second man would have needed to have pushed the heavier weight for a longer duration of time using the exact same force in order to have moved it through the same unit distance (as a result of its acceleration being less from F = ma), and this would have resulted in more work having been done. This contradicts the accepted relation, Work Done = Force x Distance.
That's from its definition.
You've missed out the essential point: PER UNIT OF MASS
Work Done = Force x MASS x Distance
W1 = F*M*D
W2 = 2*F*M*D
Therefore the work done in the second case is twice as much.

You'd best set yourself to re-evaluating where you stand.
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