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Default Re: A Very Serious Comment

Originally Posted by LaDominio View Post
The Earth is a pure being working on a natural system.
Nature is a pure system that works with utter perfection.

Humankind is beginning to affect the Earth and is hindering the original workings of Nature.

When anything in Nature is manipulated from its original form it becomes detrimental in order to protect the original system - which is perfect.
What might seem to be affecting vegetation and wildlife is really to affect the human race in a detrimental way. Remember we are part of the ecosystem too.

The Earth is naturally going to decimate the entire human race because we have become un-Natural and are a threat to the original system.

Before this happens, it is likely that the human race will have decimated itself.

But the Earth knows this. If the human race decimates itself, there will likely be massive damage left in its wake.

Based on that, there may be a race between Nature and Humankind itself to decimate all of the people residing on Earth.

It is clear that the Human race has become highly inefficient and for most there is no hope for continued manifestation here.
This earth will be burned up.
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