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Default Hilarious Infowars Spoof!!!

Just my way of getting out info by wrapping it in some humor.
Hook'em with humor and then fry'em with facts! Honestly i think thats a
big reason alex jones has had so much success, his delivery and impressions
of elites and rednecks give the show a edge in the entertainment dept. over
other "alternative news" outlets, and as a result bigger effect.

Either way, THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! Infowars fans will appreciate it!]

This was only my first video and it was for a contest so we
went easy on alex since he is a judge.

Soon we will be making a series out of it that will be much
funnier. I'm also taking requests for any guests you want to see on the show. Just let me know who you'd like to see spoofed and we'll try and make it happen. Subscribe and comment to see future videos.
please rate and comment

PART 1 - PART 2 -

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