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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
As long as the chemtrails keep happening, this thread will never be debunked. What we have done is show proof.
Yes. You PROVED the existence of persistant contrails. Thanks lads, but we knew already.

The rest rests on the shoulders of the individual. What have you done for your neighbor lately? TrutherD and I have taken hours upon hours of our time researching this to understand
But you have NO understanding. You cannot understand your own confirmation bias for a start. Let alone the behaviour of the atmosphere. Or how an aircraft works.

the chemicals used, routes taken, planes used, etc. It's top secret, so of course it's going to be hard to prove. But the truth of something this big cannot be hidden forever. Climategate, is the result of the Chemtrail coverup, and that truth will soon become apparent.
Yes sirree, roll up, roll up. The truth as these lads see it will all be revealed to you shortly.

HOW TO RUN A CONTRAIL SCARE FOR FUN AND PROFIT just down the page titled "Here" a while. Jay Reynold's original article, with no revisions required. You can't beat the original...

Here JazzRoc vs “Chemtrails”

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