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Default Re: Are the Laws of Physics Wrong?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
In my physics book, and yes I do actually own one which I have read again and again in the relevant sections, work is always quoted as equal to force multiplied by distance. W.D. = F x d I have never heard of this equation W.D. = F x m x d and believe you have just made it up in a vain effort to win the argument. Nice try but no.......I suggest you read a physics book yourself carefully. And yes you do score a FAIL.
Text books quoting FORCE are doing so in terms of MASS x ACCELERATION being FORCE. They are talking about LIFTING WEIGHTS, and as you know, the WEIGHT of a body is actually its mass times its acceleration due to gravity.
Hence the true equation is as I have said Work done = Distance x Mass x Acceleration (frequently G). In space (free of fields) this still applies. The acceleration is whatever is imparted to the mass over the particular distance.
It's something that most people intuit, but apparently you don't. This "intuition" has allowed most physics book writers to abbreviate what they mean to the point where it's possible to misunderstand. It really should be obvious to you that pushing an object twice as heavy as another object should involve twice as much work. More obvious, surely, than suddenly imagining you had discovered a new branch of physics.
In your options, the second requires twice as much work as the first.
And you're still as wrong as you were before. You aren't reading what I'm writing.
You may think what you like. If you're in a permanent mess because you can't see it any other way, this will be quite to my taste. I like seeing hubris.

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