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Default Re: The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)

While I agree it is a disgrace that people are teaching young children how to masturbate, but I feel you are taking things a little too far. Masturbation, by itself, does not produce an evil person. Masturbation does not create a sex-crazed pervert, either. You can believe however you like, but that does not make it absolute. I am a highly religious person, but I was raised to respect people for themselves. The only one that should be judging others for their practices is God himself. Instead of berating others and screaming they're going to hell, you should just promote what should and shouldn't be done to achieve reaching the kingdom of God. The minute you yell, belittle, and the like, everybody tends to tune you out. Just a piece of advice.

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
I have decided to discuss the threat to our youth and citizens of the impure practice of Onanism (onanism - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary) I have provided a link describing this disgusting, vile, impure and evil practice.
Is it bad enough that millions of Americans are riddled with uncontrollable lust that dforces them to wretchedly stimulate themselves? Oh no, the Pro-Onanism crowd isn't happy with that. According to a report by Fox News on August 26, 2009 the U.N is trying to teach FIVE YEAR OLDs the filthy, disgusting, lust filled practice of Onanism!!(U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds - United Nations - My Lord Jesus Christ!! Will these lust filled sexual deviants STOP AT NOTHING?! Innocent children are being turned into lust driven, sex crazed deviants at the AGE OF FIVE YEARS OLD!! I agree totally with Ms. Turner of the Citizens for Responsible Curriculum: "Why can't kids be kids anymore"
Fellow righteous Christian Americans, we MUST make a stand against this evil deviance! It is time we took the battle to these perverts and pushed them where they belong -BACK into the closet. It is easy to see that a coalition of craven perverts, deviants and freaks are trying to brainwash our children and turn them into whore mongers, lust driven freaks and self abusers. If you stand with the Lord Jesus Christ then you know what you MUST DO!

Suggestions for the War Against Onanism:

* Teach your kids self abuse perverts them and turns them into lust driven freaks
* Work to outlaw the devices of Satan euphemistically called "sex toys"
* Teach your kids to report Teachers that try to introduce perversion into their minds
* Instruct your kids that sex, as mandated by the Creator of the Universe, was meant between 1) a man and a woman, 2) ONLY in a marriage and 3) NEVER by filthy, disgusting, evil, vile, sinful self stimulation

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