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Default Re: A Nation Of Lockdowns

I contribute a lot of this to the way society is today. First of all, parents are no longer an active part of their children's lives. Mind you, I am doing broad categories, when I am making this post. I know there are exceptions to everything. In general, though, what I am stating holds true. Most parents expect the schools to not only teach the children but to babysit them and be the moral advisor. As a result, parents no longer have any idea what their children are doing in school, with whom their children are interacting, and what interests their children may have. The government has pushed the point where parents are not allowed to punish their children or it's considered abuse. Parents have allowed to have their rights taken away, and, as such, have discovered there's no way to get those rights back. As a result, children are not taught respect and honor. They are not made aware of consequences for any actions they take. They believe they should get whatever they want and, if they are not given it in the timeframe they expect, they have the right to take it. When I was a child, I was able to go outside and play with friends all day until sunset without any fears. Nowadays, there are those who kidnap, molest, and kill our children, if they do not have an adult nearby. When I was a child, violence in school was one child beating up another with fists. Nowadays, violence in school usually involves guns or knives. Society has changed. Our children, as a result, have changed.

Once again, I will point out that I am generalizing everything I have placed in this post. I know there are parents, like myself, who do not fall into this generalization. As a whole, though, it has become a serious problem.

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