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Default Re: The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)

Originally Posted by albie View Post
The Bible was WRITTEN by the side of evil. Satan is a good guy who had his character assassinated.

You worship evil.
I see you have sided with the Prince of Darkness. How sad.

I suggest you do this to ready yourself for the eternity of torment that awaits you:

1) get a candle

2) light the candle

3) put your hand over the flame

With practice, you may not suffer as terribly as you will in the Lake of Fire. Then again, since you more then likely will not have the fortitude to allow the flame to slowly eat a hole through the flesh of your hand, I doubt it. But try it anyway. If you can stand the suffering it will cause as the fire chars the flesh and burns a hole clean through your hand, then I imagine you *might* be able to handle an eternity of unspeakable suffering.
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