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Default Re: The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)

Now, this is what I meant. Thank you for posting this way. More people are willing to listen and such, if they are presented information in a calm, matter-of-fact way. I am not saying whether or not masturbation is bad. I was remarking on the extremities you were taking it by yelling fire and brimstone. I do not tell others what they believe is wrong. That subject is between God, or whatever diety/name/etc. a person worships, and that person. I've just found it easier to get your point across, when it comes to religion, when it is done more calmly. :-) Also providing information for people to review helps, like you did. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
Oh really? Hmm..well check this out Male Genital Problem

ANd because I am a Child of God, I offer this as a source for those enslaved to this perversion who wish to purify themselves of this filthy habit: If you really want to quit masturbation

also this How to Stop Masturbation Addiction | Porn & Masturbation Addiction Help

Here we see the plea of a young man who is in love, but is enslaved to the vile perversion of Onanism How can I stop my masturbation habit? It feels like I'm cheating on the girl I love! - relationship advice

The Scriptures makes no provision for this vile perversion, and in fact condemns it when discussing Onans unwillingness to impregnate. We are told in Scripture to look at a women (and I suppose a man as well) with in our heart is to have committed adultery.
The Scriptures also makes no provisions for divorce except in the case of adultry. As the Lord said, men take hte Word of God and distort it to fit what they want. Let every man be a liar, But God be true!
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