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Default Re: Operation White Washed Tombs: Exposing Wolves In Sheep Clothing

Good luck with your mission. You have one difficult task ahead of you, but I applaud you for your efforts. :-) If I come across any people that fit that bill, I'll let you know.

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
Today has begun Operation White Washed Tombs. Operation White Washed Tombs is dedicated to exposing the wolves in sheep clothing that hide among our clergy.

Anyone who has information about a minister who has behaved in an immoral, reprehensible manner are encouraged to contact me. I will do my utmost to expose these evil doers. This is necessary since if the Church has an anything but spotless testimony, we aid Satan and hurt the cause of Christ.
The larger Christian community can no longer tolerate scam artists, dope heads, pedophiles and people who sleep with gay prostitutes. I therefore have decided to launch Operation White Washed Tombs to expose these evil doers wherever and whenever they are found.
I can be contacted here if you have information regarding such evil doers. I don't care if their a priest, a minister, deacon or whatever. Either serve Christ in righteousness or step down.

This information will be published so that the people will know who these evil doers are so they can avoid them and their evil web of deceit and lies.
Support Operation White Washed Tombs, and let's clean up the Church!
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