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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all


You say because I am a "Christian" that i am somehow biased against David Icke? No, i could'nt care less about his half assed attempts at trashing Christianity, i care that people will not listen to me because tossers like Icke poisen the well with their complete crap.
LMAO!!! I promised myself I wouldn't but I REALLY need to call you on your ignorant bullshit here. YET AGAIN you do not read what I'm saying, pick out a few key words and make assumptions on what my argument is. Read the following again CAREFULLY THIS TIME:

"Besides that it's a bit fucked up to just rubbish someone's beliefs (or what you THINK is someone's beliefs through jumping to conclusions) Would you say the same thing to a Christian? "What you believe is a big load of shit, pal" - Sure debate why you BELIEVE Christianity is wrong"

I was not saying rubbishing Christianity, I wasnt' aware YOU were a Christian. I was asking if YOU would rubbish someone's religious beliefs so quickly as you rubbish people's other bliefs.

Your claim I am backpeddling is only because you are an idiot who doesn't read carefully, or is too stupid to understand other people's points before posting your trashy mutual cocksucking bullshit.

You are a complete idiot, I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but I'm sure it has happened before, and will happen again.

You mock me buying into Icke's claims (which I've already stated I don't) yet you are clearly some conformist 12 year old harvesting opinions form others on the forum and regurigtating them when similar threads come along. You sw the word Icke and bit, expecting all your pals to applaud you for your clever putdowns. But you are completely WRONG, you missed the point, but you will NEVER admit that with all your little buddies around. You KNOW it to be true, admit it to yourself.

Consider this: Who has a reputation to uphold here? What would I lose by admitting I was wrong, considering I don't know anyone here. you on the other hand, what would you have to lose by admitting you had jumped in and misunderstood the opinion you were shooting down for forum brownie points?

Also consider this: Despite all your claims to the high ground here, you have failed to make one argument with any real substance against Icke beyond "he izz a coxend!!! h4xorz!!! hez lying izzz ridiculosss!!!!! :-o :-? :-? :-o :-) :lol: :-x :-?"

Grow up. And if you are grown up, then you have my condolences. End of story.

EDIT: I've got it!!! It's all so laughably obvious now! I thought the mention of Icke had hit a raw nerve, due to the ridiculously disproportionately venemous response I got. You're a Christian, he states he thinks Christianity is a manifactured religion. This offends you, and thus you're hitting out. Why don't you dry your own eyes before telling others to? Your belief system is littered with extremely incredible concepts, ,yet you condemn a man for his own. What a complete hypocrite. What a credit to the resistance you are! God help us!
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