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Default Re: The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)

Originally Posted by JazzRoc View Post
I see you have sided with an "imaginary friend". How sad.
I suggest you do this to ready yourself for the LIFETIME of torment that awaits you:
1) get a candle
2) light the candle
3) put your COCK (AND ESPECIALLY YOUR BALLS) over the flame
With practice, you may not suffer as terribly as you will in the BATTLE OF THE SEXES.
Then again, since you more then likely will not have the fortitude to allow the flame to slowly eat a hole through the skin of your scrotum, I doubt it. But try it anyway. If you can stand the suffering it will cause as the fire chars the flesh and burns holes clean through your balls, then I imagine you *might* have rendered a service to Mankind (by not allowing your genes to enter the human gene pool) and be the very first person to receive a NON-POSTHUMOUS Darwin award.
I shall cheer you on....

(SIGH)..I would debate you, but since I am an atheist atheist (I don't believe Atheists exist), I can't.
First, prove you exist. There is no evidence to believe in a non-existent being named JazzRoc. I'll just assume that a thousand monkeys pounding a keyboard for ten millenium created this message. You know..EVILution..(SIGH)

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