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Default Re: The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
(SIGH)..I would debate you, but since I am an atheist atheist (I don't believe Atheists exist), I can't.
First, prove you exist. There is no evidence to believe in a non-existent being named JazzRoc. I'll just assume that a thousand monkeys pounding a keyboard for ten millenium created this message. You know..EVILution..(SIGH)
We thousand monkeys wish to complain about the state of our single typewriter. Ten millennia is far too long to suffer simian iniquities prior to marriage.

(Yes it is true, our typewriter wishes to marry before she loses the symbols on her keys.)

(The typewriter speaks) "As for this JazzRoc fellow, we haven't had the pleasure. You and the monkeys, however, know all about this, we are told. So come on then, forth come. Don't stand in all that custard, splash out and cream our pies."
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