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Default Re: Atheist Apocalypse

Originally Posted by albie View Post
The Bible is crass and for mental patients.
Really? I suppose, should you ever fall on hard times and become homeless (God forbid!) You will have to be fed, clothed and housed by these "mental patients".

Why is it you Sickular Humanists don't do it? Oh, I know you have nice sounding words and you love to display your puffed up egos, but the funny thing is you all are pretty worthless when it comes to helping people in the "real world".

Well, in a little bit I guess me and the rest of the "mental patients" will go feed some people at the Mission. Boy, that Bible is a real evil book! Imagine that, doing something for somebody else..To bad you non-existent Atheists and Sickular Humanists and EVILutionists do nothing but complain and moan.

Is anyone else here a "mental patient"? I think if this is a form of "insanity", we may need more..
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