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Default Re: The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)

Originally Posted by JazzRoc View Post
We thousand monkeys wish to complain about the state of our single typewriter. Ten millennia is far too long to suffer simian iniquities prior to marriage.

(Yes it is true, our typewriter wishes to marry before she loses the symbols on her keys.)

(The typewriter speaks) "As for this JazzRoc fellow, we haven't had the pleasure. You and the monkeys, however, know all about this, we are told. So come on then, forth come. Don't stand in all that custard, splash out and cream our pies."
and to qoute the most famous Man to live or ever to live..

"Get thee behind me, Satan! Thou savorest not the things of God"

How about Church? I can't vouch for all the women there; some may be Jezebels and (for the ladies) some may be gigolos. But...(GASP!) there are men of integrity and women of worth there. Or, if you're such a sex starved maniac, you can do like the crackheads and buy a cheap venereally diseased harlot. Just don't cry to me when you have HIV and are slowly dying..

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