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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all

You know, Johnny old son. The key to hitting back hard on a forum is not to let the spittle fog up your glasses as you type.

You had to edit a few times. Surely your Reptilian friends have high tech spell checkers on their reptilian space ships?

I decided to head back to your site and pull you to bits, bit by bit as you clearly state you are all for the reptile theory...with a few small qualifacations...i note you have COMPLETELY changed your view...and qualified heavily. It seems my work is done.

You say i am to proud/arrogant to somehow admit I might be wrong? I've apolagised and retracted many times on this forum.

As for us all being one big happy Christian Fundamentalist seems you have only just got here and have missed many a fine dust up.

I have no need to provide "evidence" as to the twat qualifacations of David Icke. His half assed conglomeration of cutting and pasting other half breeds work say's it all.

There are LITERALLY THOUSANDS of web sites dedicated to the truth.

The fact that you state I am somehow small minded to find a man who believes Shape Shifting Reptiles rule the Earth says more about you than it does about me.

If David Icke had the intention of exposing the Global Elite as his primary goal he would get rid of his reptile crap off his site. It is self indulgent at best and deliberately done to poisen the well at worst. So what if it's true? Who will believe you? I find it hard to convince people that the powerful financial Elite own and run the planet...what hope is their with Icke?

His actual credentials as a mamber of the so called "Illuminati" or generally subversive secret societies that abound are impeccable.

Icke actually has a cretin following and all told he is TOTALLY counterproductive to the movement against the NWO...a movement that must gain in strength rapidly as they up the anti...this year and the next are pretty vital and I'll rip to bits any idiot who wishes to promulgate counterproductive shit of the extreme nature of Icke.

He is either useful idiot or deliberate disinformationist...take your pick.

As for you in are of the Left and say all the usual Left things.

You speak of tolerence and claim i am a fascist! Have a look at your own reply's hippy...remove the beam in your eye before you point out the splinter in mine.

You are in essence a reactionary. The Globalists set up an ultra right wing Bush, to energise the limp wristed left which they finance and encourage. Goerge Soros flits here and there "promoting democracy" and stating that "money is no problem".

The soloution to all these 'fascists' is the multi lateral U.N and world government.

None of the Police State aparatus put in place by the nasty fascists will be removed by the "hippy" Left. In fact they will add to it stating they must ensure the nasty fascists never get back in...they will add "hate crime" and speaking out about history as a crime and lock people up who speak against the State...just ask Ernst Zundel.

By all means eat your lentils and commute on your hydrogen powered bus. You will never see Soros or your reptile friend Rothschild on there...they're to busy laughing at the stupid left for falling for it all.
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