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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all

Check out the PM!!!!

I enjoy a good belly laugh in the Am.

And dear Johnny. I dont need assistence when dealing with you. Believe me.

But please carry on...i'm enjoying the entertainment.

I actually think you're a little mad. I used to be a R.N...Comprehensive and work also with the mentally ill.

If it quacks like a duck...

BTW...alot of people here ar'nt interested in personal disputes and simply post on other subjects. I personally enjoy a good verbal dust up.


Come on...

For your own dignity, do yourself a favour and pull out of this. You MUST be able to see you've made two gross misunderstandings, have failed to counter any of my arguments in any way, and will begin to look very stupid if you carry on down this route. Only one person in this entire forum has come to your defence.[Does TB need help people?] Your so important peer respect is ebbing away by the second because you can't deal with some noob.

Admit you misinterpreted my argument, worse you only stand to prove my argument about the danger of rigid belief systems.[I am rigid because i find a man who believes in Shape Shifting lizards idiotic?] You cannot win this argument. Your spade can only work in one direction. How long are you going to keep digging?[As long as I find playing with you entertaining].

I have been part of several web communities, and I know how impoortant it is to have respect of people in those communities.[Actually i have a vibrant social life away from the monitor] whether you see it or not this thread is turning into a showcase of your inability to conduct a rational debate, ,without distorting or misinterpreting your opponent's responses as aspringboard for your own unconnected rebuttals.

I know I'm right.[Hmmm...what was that about rigid belief systems?] I know what my argument is and it has not changed. I don't buy into the lizards as fact, but I refuse to completely rule out lizards as I don't know for SURE. I use the term mttaphorically, and as a joke. My social circle (in real life) have adopted it as a catchphrase: “he's a total reptile” or “what a fucking lizard”. Do we mean our bosses, or the workmen digging up the street outside the offices are alien reptilians from another planet? Of course not. I know this to be true, and I know the intent of the writing on my site, so I know that you are being extremely foolish, and the more you carry on down this route the more your friends in this forum will know it too.[MWA looking foolish? I take it you lack a mirror in your medium density housing estate].

Just back out and accept, to yourself, that you and your friend were wrong, and this can all end now.
It can all end now? Wow...but you're one of those nice Lefties ar'nt you? Why cant you tolerate my belief system? Will you pass a law making it a crime to question your views? Will you kill me to save me from my rigid belief system?

I have come to the conclusion you are a little whacky. Definite Aquarian type.

I hope the therapy you find here and with your psychiatrist pay's dividends.
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