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Default Re: More Realistic 'Battle' Plan

we are growing faster than the truth is coming out so we are all ready for it go to lard monckton on google or something althow it seems google are free masons or worse, Then go to you tube and look up the OBAMA DECEPTION.

Its gut wrenchingly true but it sure feels better than lies. are government here in canada is almost useless bescause of it, they are now offering huge wages for cops, luckly from my last jail visit for freedom of speach there were no chargers. and the cops well at least the cream of the crop hasn't been brain washed yet.
And best of all this week a canadian judge threw out all the freedom of speach laws in a case and called them unconstitutional, which means open up the flood gates and let in the truth. I do fear that the internet will soon be completly controled. climategate has some boycott targets , also look up the world renown journalist benjamine fullford he's interesting and has had a uneek life. I think he is a free mason and speaking out, my guess is he will be murdered very soon, I think I know what your going threw and just telling people to watch the OBAMA DECEPTION and lord moncton helps you regain some faith in humanity.
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