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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

I have a natural effective way of easing all mental problems it helped me get ride of a depresion problem brought on by a 20 yr bad marriage and some anxiety and slight attention deficite, It's not hard to understand but it cost about 1000 us . Its called Nikken magnetic far infrared technology it got ride of my back problems even one of the only things that get ride off fibermialja loopus M S
I had a girlfriend once that had m s made it go away and 4 years latter I called her and she said it was still gone.
It's all about giving your body what it needs to look after itself brain included. I got 3rd degree burns once from electricity on my hands and 2nd degree on my face with lots of first degree. When I got to the hospital they treated me like an animal because I didn't show up in an ambulance, anyway that's a dif. story but this stuff made me painfree, healed fast, and scareless I have pics and there incredible .
Because I didn't show up in an ambulance they didn't send me to the burn unit because no one would pay for the ambulance, It made me loose total faith in are jock health care system and there healing methods. I sleep in a magnetic far infrared bed and sleep perfect, dream out all my stress and heal very well when I sleep, and my liver is healing me in the deep phase of sleep It's too cool and been my savior,
completly loosing the depresion alone was a blessing I'm always smilling now or at worst with really bad news can at least fuction and it passes normally.
Not sure what exactly happened to you guys but when you say you have memory problems etc. I know you'd love this stuff too.
Ha! doctors etc. hate it cause they fear there jobs even thow I know a doctor and several nurses into it.
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