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Default Re: The sh*t has hit the fan in Canada: an urgent message from Canada.

what major city are you talking about?
Here on the island parksville we have a recent increase in cops lots of rookies and lots of reports of what seems to be people getting used for taining purposes. Myself I was told that I was being given an attitude adjustment It was very odd. They do what they want when they want how they want and to whom they want.
There is a canadian judge on are side, last week he threw out all freedom of speach laws. Said they were unconstitutional, therefore opening up the floodgates for truth, With this there is no law at the moment.
I would also like to add that facebook twitter and plenty of fish are censored, probably by citizens on patrol. A girl I know got busted threw facebook, told a freind on it she had pot and 2 days latter the pigs were are her door.
and If the americans riot we should time it with them so are troops and pigs stay here, we can entertain them owrselves.
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