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Default Re: Reptilians - It was right under your nose the whole time

Originally Posted by Eye-Kon View Post
I've never seen any sort of discrepancy unless its on somebody. That seems odd, if they were hallucinations I'm sure I would be seeing them when I was by myself at times or in different spots of my sight rather then just on somebodys body. I've never used drugs and I'm currently in college as well, I don't see why I would be having hallucinations. I've also seen shifts and have had other people see them to. The reptilian notion didn't pop up in there mind, they just said it was odd. However that was the first thing that came to mine. I've had times where I would see someones pupils clearly turn in to vertical slits and my friend would see it as well. Thats not a hallucination. We both saw it.

This was actually one of the more devestating experiences I've had in my life. I was toying with the reptilian notion at the time and that experience really just did it for me. My whole thought process changed about life. There was no lighting effects on this persons eyes either. I know how sometimes if light is glaring off your eyes it can make your pupils look vertical but this wasn't the case. This was a blatant shape-shift we I could see this womens eyes go vertical for roughly 15 seconds and then go back again. She kept talking to me and my friend as if nothing happend. My friend didn't really seem to be bothered by it he just said he thought it could be some kind of disease or something. I didn't bring up the reptilian notion to him or anything. Reptilians is not something I am open about with my friends or anybody I actually know because I know it would ruin my reputation I've strived my whole life to create. Reptilians are aware of this, they know most people wont say anything even when they see whats going on. This surface is structured that way, its sort of a systematic form of mind control.

Believe what you will, I can totally understand where your coming from but I know what me and my friend saw and what I've seen many other times. I really wish I could go back to believing what I did when I was younger, I was alot happier back then. I wish I was crazy but once you hit a certain point of understanding you can never go back. I've had times where they clearly just state my thoughts out loud, I'll be thinking about something like I wonder how old John is? Then out of nowhere this guy says or John is 22 how old are you? Totally random. Then this guy goes on about how he smokes weed and says "I could never tell my mom she would think I was totally crazy". They'll even play on it a bit by making references and such. At first when this happens you take it as a coincidence but after it starts happening 3 or 4 times in a row day after day its hard to dismiss.
I mean this in the most respectful way Eye-con, but before you start to think that these things you have seen are truly real, perhaps you should be screened by some mental health professionals just in case they are not. There really is no stigma in at least getting checked out. Then at least you would know that that is what you in fact saw. The alternative is far more hellish if it turns out there is something wrong.
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