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Exclamation Re: Introduction & The Vast Satanic Conspiracy

Hey I'm new to this site.. well actually this is the first time ive ever been on anything like this. I'm quite young though am very aware of the corruption within society from all aspects. My sister was shedualed as involintary patient at 16 and was dragged through adult mental health ward were she was raped emotionally and litterally. the courts were in compliance and so too were docs. We got her home after 2 year battle though in drug withdrawel and dnt know yet how deep the damadge has penetrated. we know many families who are in the same situation though unfortunatelly not as lucky as us. I'v read alot of books in reguards to society, science, mind controle....etc.
I'm aware of the undercurrent within society in terms of satanic abuse to cause MPD to produce sex slavery..ect im guessing you know.

Right up from the government it chanelles into sectors of society and i am so sorry you were exposed to this. It is not fair, i see violence everywere and it is far to common a norm for me.
Although i have my own issues with my father he nore my mum or anyone else in my family for that matter have ever laid an inopropriate hand on me. I dont really know what to say to you because words cant describe what you have had to endure.
Though i am so sorry for everything you went through.
I get the impression you don't agree with there practices or whatever the f*** there called, that you were able to see through the facade because i think that alot get decencertised and than progress to they themselves becoming sociopaths and therefore the psycle continues. Thats so special lve ya :-) truelly.
Because Im aware of it all and it makes me so hopeful when even just one isnt tainted.
I hope you meet others who understand and can help you through this emotionally. There are seriously great people out there among the parasitics. I hate it that those that are bad arn't afraid to be and those that are good tend to be spineless though this isnt always, people just need to be informed i think. When im old enough im going to try to do as much as i can to make this place a little bit better coz every bit makes that little difference.
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