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The human is conditioned to respond in a circular associative process, rather like a hamster wheel in the mind. A vast,unused area is the result. Integration is impossible under these conditions and by this I mean the balancing of, and right working of centers mental, emotional and instincive- moving. As long as the hamster wheel is sqeaking, it drowns out the communication from higher scource. This is the aim of media generated consensus state. It is one thing to become aware of the lie being perpetrated and the agenda behind the lie and fully another to overcome the terror and panic that ensues from such a realization. One becomes identified with the fear and in order to cope generates a depressive state like our friend no hope. To still and silence the hamster wheel of associative thinking and the resultant reactive behaviors is to begin the process of inner unfolding and education, a step toward reclaiming power and freedom. Thank you for your kind wishes and blessings, I do feel open heart. awake
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