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Default Re: The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)

Honestly i dnt know were to start with this.
children shouldnt be taught how to masterbate neither should they be told it is a sin. Masterbation is personal and it is ok to feel good as long as its not at the expense or another living being.
It is not a form of self harm for it dosnt hurt nor dose it affect anyone negativelly as long as its also not at the expense of some ones emotional well being. To view satanic and ritual abuse rape or phedophilia wile masterbating is wrong because your getting the sexual satisfaction through the pain of another though to do it through your own positive fantasies is not a problem.
To assume that someone isnt aloud to touch themselves in private is a violation of there privacy and could even be interprited as you being the one who is acting in a perverse manor due to you evan thinking about your young child masterbating.
What is wrong is quiet simple to string together unless you are a sociopath or have been mislead with seriously wrong information throughout your life.
It is wrong to instilling the thort in a young child that he is peverse and tainted if he thinks about touching himself. Because he will naturally resort to these thorts and grow up believing that feeling good is actually bad.
This will instill conflicting messages for the future.
I dont see why people can't think to not evan think about these things. Don't make you children grow up to think that good is bad and bad is good.. Because than that would lead to wrong is rite and rite is wrong.

If they are taught how to think about everything than how are they going to resolve things morally in the future, they will need continual guidance.
I think is more important that they are taught the be empathetic, compassionate and intellegent and inignorant rather than weather or not its ok to touch themselves in the privacy of there own space.
alot of porn in relation to the undercurrent that is becomming less of an undercurrent and more obviouse is in ethical, in reguardes to the way people are abused, manipulated, raped, mistreated, dregraded and such incorporated with phedophellia and im sure your all old enough to know.
There is black and white with all shades of grey in between, just because alot are compliant to a certain form of view dosnt make it rite.
Just because the majority claims that it is ok to put someone to death.. though you feel that is is not, don't shut your mouth.
who was that cunt that favors satanism you ignorant idiot.
no words can describe that way i feel about such people... to disreguard and hurt others for your own benifit how dare you piece of me you mean as much as a parasite feeding on the membranic puss of a maggot eating the shit of a pig. for what ever reason you think that way you will never benifit from such a thort and i dont get it your disgusting and i wish you could feel what others feel if you have ever hurt anyone intentionally..going by your attitude im assuming you have.
I'm sorry to say i don't believe in god and i don't support the bible. I think it makes people compliant to the government and just seves as a silly purpose to create a form of very large cult. If you were born in labanon youd be muslim and so on and so forth. I'm athiest though i do see how someone being brough up with a certain line of thinking finds it hard to break free from that.
I grew up having never had a inapropriate hand laid apon me, not even a smak, i grew up knowing... not because i was told.. to automatically not inflict pain on others or manipulate them for my own benifits. This was with the absence of religion and i think it could have had something to do with the fact that my mum or dad didnt find it necessary to sit me down when i was 5 and tell me that if i touch my self i was going to hell.
This also reassured me that my parents wernt thinking of my genitals.
The messages that are sent to children within television and in music are seriously disterbing though were do you guys think there comming from.... obviously what ever controles the media.
Your atacking the wrong messages, think to a broader scale you know what i mean, don't just go by the bible and what your father may have told you in terms of whats rite and whats wrong to tech your children. Thats fucked and unacceptable that they were being taught how to masterbate honestly but that dosnt mean you jump to never and off limits.
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