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Default Re: I have suffered from depression and need to talk.

It is hard for most to stick with a positive attitude through out this life due to all the pain, confusion, misstrust and too common attitude of life for profit.
Have you read the book Trance Formation America? This helps to broaden the mind in terms of were the attitude in the undercurrent comes from.
Most that we grow from is controlled by a majority of sociopaths to put it lightly and therefore it's not a suprise that the values, morales and ethics within society are peculiar, cruel, racist, sexist and offensive. Most are decensortised against sex and violence with an ever growing level of compliance. Therefore they don't think to question whats put forth by our government or otherwise prefer to sit in a form or ignorant bliss.
My sister went through the mental health system when she was 16 for two years and is now suffering severe drug withdrawel. the coruption within this system chanelled through docs and the courts. The experiences she went through were deeply traumatic and she prectically died... we still don't know how deeply the damadge has penetrated. she was raped emotionally and litterally and had her mind completelly fucked with. Shes currently going through severe drug withdrawel, and though physically she is good mentally? The pharmasutical companies gain alot of profit from such patient who are pumped with all different forms of medications and on illegal levels.
This first hand glympse started me off to become aware of a broader level of corruption that can account for what happened to my sister. her story is to common and the only reason we got her home was due to us getting a substantial amount of DNA evidence. When she is ok to make a statement to court than we will take it to the supreme court, well be the first to have a such profound Dna evidence in terms of this catergory.
I saw what anti psycotics can do to a person and anti depressents tend to cause long term depression down the track. Make sure you thurally research what you get prescribed because there is alot more to them than what your GP or whom ever, may say.
I have been down though im able to reason with my emotions and resolve what is paining me in whatever way to an extent this has taken alot of self controle and practice. Though i am lucky to have others that i can talk to about the world who share a sceptical view as i do which is lucky. More people are aware to a certain level than you may think.
I'm only young and am hoping to advance my education and really make a name for my self so that people can take me seriously and therefore i will be able to express my beliefs without being shut down. Thinking about this helps me get up in the morning.
It is hard to say what is true and what is not due to cover up mixed in with missinformation so of course it would be difficult for some who are unaware of any other conspepts other than what is put forward to them on the news and such, to suddenly switch there view because someone is claiming such and such.
You have to approach it from the right angle. like eg: i read about pedophelia, sadomassicust and ritual abuse to enduce MPD and create sex slaves...etc. I didnt know if this was true though it deffinitelly sounded plausible. than unfortunatally after a few experiences and more knowledge things began to click and now i can say for sure that this shit goes down.
You can't assume that someone hasn't got pain in there life or are ignorant just because they pass you by on the street with a smile on there face and blingged n branded out. I don't know anyone that lives in ignorant bliss though there front projects it, underneath they don't.
Obviously if the shit in the world effects you than you are empathetic and compassionate and that's not something to be ashamed of. you just need to learn to work with it grow stronger emotionally and stand up for what you believe in as long as it's bassed on evidence.
Its so sad that those that are bad arnt afraid to be though those that are good tend to be spineless. There are far to many bystanders in the world and do what you believe is right and just.
Awareness shouldn't make you crawel away from the light. You should progress to be the best that you can and help as many as you can along the way. I'm sorry you went through depression that is hard. Get out there and explore what makes you feel good like dancing, running, acting or what the fuck ever you know. than people will be more drawn to you. who cares if you are cynical and know too much thats grate. the right sort of others will appreciate this aslong as you consider them to.
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