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Default Re: Why so called "Satanic Ritual Abuse" and so called "Mind Control" is Bullshit

I am truely disgusted at how incompassionate people are on this fucking sight what are you doing here is you don't give a shit?
Fuck the bystanders who think there so superior due to the knowledge that they believe no body but themselves know..... knowledge is only power if your not a spineless, un empathetic, ignorant, lazy or an irrationally raised idiot.
Obviously if something is considered corrupt they will try to cover it and therefore the FBi would not be un informed.
You don't disreguard one persons pain , trauma and suffering only based on the fact that it's common? and especially if you arn't aware of what has occured to cause this trauma.
You don't say scew them or screw there practices let them act as they may and carma may follow because you don't actually know weather or not this will occure and how many more would get hurt untill someone coragouse will inflict that ''carma''.
It is disrespectful to disreguard the satanic and ritual abuse that occures to all those children, women, animals, boys and men.
It is incredibly obviouse that such things go on and to brush it off and let it slide over your head due to you finding it difficult to face that the system and every factor within that pretty much controles everything that educates that through media or education... is down right gullable.
There is corruption, the life for profit attitude and such disreguard for others to attain ones own pleasure in all small levels of society, can you not think that maby that attitude channelles through to the government and such.
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