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Default Re: Looking for Hot Chick With D.I.D and Infantalism for Love

Obviously if something is considered corrupt they will try to cover it and therefore the FBi would not be un informed.

It is disrespectful to disreguard the satanic and ritual abuse that occures to all those children, women, animals, boys and men.
It is incredibly obviouse that such things go on and to brush it off and let it slide over your head due to you finding it difficult to face that the system and every factor within which pretty much controles everything that educates that through media or education could have something to do with it... is down right gullable.
There is corruption, the life for profit attitude and such disreguard for others to attain ones own pleasure in all small levels of society, can you not think that maby that attitude channelles through to the government and such.
It isn't a myth. I'm athiest and you are contradicting your self.
The system of ritual satanic abuse to cause MPD, or as americans have been taught to call it DPD due to MPD being a little too obviouse, is not taught by the catholic church in the way you mean. It runs through the catholic church and is scensored eg the Jesuites. The trauma that is inflicted causes compartmentalisation (when a child goes through a profoundly traumatising experience they compartmentalise the experience as a way to deal with it. The more ritualistic trauma the more compartments produced. Therefore if done rite and extensivelly they will have vague or no memory of the fact they are a product of trauma and due to there personality splitting they can go through with a sort of amnesia.
have you read cathy obriens work? what do you think.....Thrance Formation America
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