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Default Re: Looking for Hot Chick With D.I.D and Infantalism for Love

quote; could it be that I have M.P.D? Hmmm..could it be I am looking for a counterpart for another personality of my own? I'm just floating this as a theory, of course.
Let's say that I did have an alter. And let's further say that said Alter simply wanted a playmate. Would it be unreasonable for me to procure one for said alter?

If you have D.I.D than wouldn't it confuse you and the person you request to be with that shares this condition, if that were to happen.
I dont understand why you would wany this. shouldnt you be trying to find or create your identity.

It sounds to me that it is more of a possibility that you wish to prey on someones unfortunate situation to satisfy your ''issues''?
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