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Default Re: Atheist Apocalypse

Im an athiest, and to me all religeons what ever they may be are merely instruments of control. Im not saying this is necesarily a bad thing. After all, if religeon encourages people to be good then thats fine.

However it realy gets my goat when the god squad say im gonna burn in hell for eternity because i refuse to be a sheep and fall under the constraints of a book that was written thousands of years ago. Or that im less of a person than them because i dont believe in God.

Get a grip, if you want to believe thats fine but at least offer me this equal courtesy. Your born, you live, you die its the same cycle for all life yet, when was the last time you seen a monkey on his knees praying for forgiveness

Enough said


May lucifer rise up amongst all men and cast all those who belong to squad of god in to the firey breaches of eternal damnation

(Algerbra. chapter 6. volume 1.)

LOL couldnt resist.
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