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Default Re: You Can't Handle The Truth I :Heathens

O.K mr militant christian

Lets say there is an after life and i go to hell for bieng a "bad person". What is it the devil is going to do to me exactly. Given that its my body that contains the nerve endings required to feel pain and the brain to procces these sensantions. My soul being void of my body would not be able to experince these sensations so im pretty sure lucifer is going to be wasting his time throwing me in to a lake of fire. Even if he does it for an eternity.

Whoevers brain washed you in to becoming this close minded drone. Incapable of seeing beyond his own beliefs. Did a real good job. Your so weak.

Laterz and you gonna feel stupid when you die and theres just blackness. What a waste of the time you,ve got. Come over to the darkside with me my friend and lets get wasted
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