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The Washington Monument is comprised of many bricks from masonic temples that were donated by lodges from various locations in the U.S. Not all of the bricks are of this nature, but many are.
God doesn't not necessarily equate to Christianity - and the masonic tradition does not believe in the divinity of Jesus the Christ.
Pierre Charles l'Enfant was, himself, a mason.
More research would show that the cross that is formed by connecting those landmarks, mentioned in a previous post, are actually only part of a much larger symbol. If you include all of the aforementioned landmarks in addition to others, you'll notice that it forms a perfect pentacle, or the "Blazing Star." Other symbols formed in conjunction of other landmarks are an owl, or the "Molloch," which you can also find in the upper right hand corner of the dollar bill.
Another thing to note would be that many of the dedication ceremonies or unveilings of these landmarks happened at specific times of astrological star and planetary placements, right down to the hour and minute.
A good book on this topic is called Secret Architecture Of Our Nation's Capital: The Masons & The Building Of Washington, D.C. by David Ovason. He doesn't write in conspiritorial condemnation of it, quite the contrary. He's a proponent of the hidden meanings and ceremonies involved with erection of the capitols architecture.
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