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Default Re: 9/11 Imcriminating evidence

I dont believe the American government blew up the twin towers directly. However i do believe they either sponsored the terrorists that did or knew it was going to happen and didnt stop it..

Forget about the pentagon. Was it a plane or was'nt it? For a minute and lets focus on the towers. Everyone saw those planes hit the towers. The first thing i try and do is put myself in the mindset of the highjackers. The only people with the mindset to willingly fly into a building to certain death or "commit suicide" for there beliefs is hardline fundamentalists. Im not going to say they did it in the name of islam because i personaly dont know why they did it. No one does.

I think the american Government either Knew about plans for the attack and did nothing to stop it. As a precursor to the invasion of Iraq. Or they actively set up the whole thing. Sending an intermidiatary to the middle east. Someone who cant be linked to plan along with whoever instigated the cell that carried it out.

This may have been binladden himself or someone high up in alqaeda that could whisper in his ear and set the wheels in motion.

The latter would explain why binladden has'nt been found. Its not that they cant find him, but more they dont want to. Instead leaving him free as a poster child of iminent terrorism and further attacks in the future.

I suppose the less of two evils is they did nothing to stop it. Maybe they did'nt expect the attack to be so huge. Either way they had a hand in it somewhere down the line. Theres to many strange coincidences like the owner of the towers taking out a massive insurance polocy prior to the attack and the afor mentioned pentagon attack.

Is this the illuminate at work?
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