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Default Re: I have suffered from depression and need to talk.

Im manic deppresive wich means extreme highs and desperate lows.
The thing you need to remember is that although you feel like your alone in your thoughts. Many people out there feel exactly the same. Being different doesnt mean theres something wrong with you. It just means your more sensitive to the things most people let fly straight over there heads. While they walk around blind to the truth. You have to take on the responsiblity of dealing with it or it will drive you mad. A task which can seem overwhelming at times.

Just because you realize something that most would'nt. does'nt mean your paranoid however be careful who you share these with as they may see you that way.

Thats why sites like this are great because you can share things you've noticed or experienced with people who wont just laugh at and judge you, but instead. Offer some objective arguments as whether it could be true or not. There are some exceptions but just ignore the freaks.
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