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Default Re: The school system is no longer about learning

Originally Posted by Vera View Post
I would say one reason we do not do as you have suggested is because people will constantly change their minds regarding what they want to do with their lives, especially when they're children. Adults even change ideas on what they want to do. Therefore, school systems do not want to put out the money to teach specified and in-depth subjects to children that will change their mind the next year. I know, even once I was in college, I was still changing my mind regarding what I wanted to learn and become. While it makes sense to have them focus on what they really like and want to do, it would be quite expensive for the school systems to keep changing the curriculum every time a student changed his or her mind.

Yeah thats a fair point but what is it the current system is actually teaching people? Everything or Nothing? Like the original post said most of the stuff go's in one ear and out the other either because of information overload or lack of interest. That why teachers only teach whats on the tests, because theres not enough time to teach a whole subject.

Yes people will change their minds and want to try something new, but i think the majority of people would stick to something they enjoy. Especialy if say from the age of 14 you couple it wth work based experience cutting the ammount of time teachers are needed.

As for expense If you divide the secondry schools up in to variouse groups ie. Mathmatics and sciences. then have specialised departments within those schools. I dont think the cost would be a lot more than our current system. Any additional costs would also be out wayed by lower unemployment and less kids leaving school with nothing at all, both economicaly and socialy. It would be a great benifit. hyperthetically speaking of course. lol

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