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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all

truebeliever wrote:
You know, Johnny old son. The key to hitting back hard on a forum is not to let the spittle fog up your glasses as you type.

You had to edit a few times. Surely your Reptilian friends have high tech spell checkers on their reptilian space ships?
If you look carefully you can see Consider this, Also consider this and EDIT. The other one you got me on.

I decided to head back to your site and pull you to bits, bit by bit as you clearly state you are all for the reptile theory...with a few small qualifacations...i note you have COMPLETELY changed your view...and qualified heavily. It seems my work is done.
I've not changed my view AT ALL. Do you think someone who went to the trouble of setting up such a site, under a pseudonym, I might add, would flip flop on their belief systems so quickly? That's the biggest insult. I have had the same opinion since the start of this farcical thread, you just failed to understand the irony and humour that was intended. Do you think I'd say "Do I literally mean lizards? Green scaly no-good reptilians?" If I genually believed in them as a threat?! Let alone the next line "Not at all. (well... possibly)" if I believed they were real? I made it clear my stance on rigid belief systems a few lines below, a google cached page will probably prove that. You failed to understand my point, only post what supported your accusation on this thread, and I decided (unfortunately) to change my page to make it more clear IN CASE MORE IDIOTS LIKE YOU MISUNDERSTOOD MY INTENT and started mouthing off.

I'll admit your responses freaked me out a little, I couldn't understand why you acted so venomously... Now I do understand, you are a Christian, a hypocrite, and a slave to a rigid belief system.

You say i am to proud/arrogant to somehow admit I might be wrong? I've apolagised and retracted many times on this forum.
Then if you are not proud/arrogant, then you're clearly just incredibly stupid.

There are LITERALLY THOUSANDS of web sites dedicated to the truth.
there are literally thousands of web pages dedicated to panelling and japanese scat too, but I haven't got a link to them either. My site is pretty new, the Icke references even newer... give me a chance to amass more links.

The fact that you state I am somehow small minded to find a man who believes Shape Shifting Reptiles rule the Earth says more about you than it does about me.
No, I don't think you are closed minded any more. You believe that an old man fit millions of species of animals onto a small wooden ark, you beleive in a talking snake, and countless other things many times more fantastical than reptilians that come from a dimension that mathmatically exists and we know nothing about.

Whether Icke's insane, lying or has been lied to, or is right, read Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott and then tell me that 4th dimensional entities are an IMPOSSIBILITY:

You may see yourself, with your own beliefs, featured in this story as first a line, then a triangle, and finally a sphere. If you do read this and still consider life in higher or lower dimensions impossible then you are just being willfully ignorant.

If David Icke had the intention of exposing the Global Elite as his primary goal he would get rid of his reptile crap off his site. It is self indulgent at best and deliberately done to poisen the well at worst. So what if it's true? Who will believe you? I find it hard to convince people that the powerful financial Elite own and run the planet...what hope is their with Icke?(
You know, that's the first good point you've made. Well done, have a cookie. Seriously I respect you that little bit more now.

Yes I've considered this myself, and it is a very fair point, but in my mind him reaching the common Joe who would NEVER be exposed to the more respected authors and speakers on the subject of the Illuminati, and would go through their life never having cause to question what the government tells them counter-balances this. I still think he is useful to getting this information out, even if you consider him to have stolen it and repackaged it. You should be happy that he is saying some stuff which is important to get to the masses, instead of throwing him to the wolves just cause he believes in one or two things that challenge your own belief system.

His actual credentials as a mamber of the so called "Illuminati" or generally subversive secret societies that abound are impeccable.

Icke actually has a cretin following and all told he is TOTALLY counterproductive to the movement against the NWO...a movement that must gain in strength rapidly as they up the anti...this year and the next are pretty vital and I'll rip to bits any idiot who wishes to promulgate counterproductive shit of the extreme nature of Icke.
How can telling people about NWOs who don't know a NWO is coming be counterproductive to the movement against it?????

He is either useful idiot or deliberate disinformationist...take your pick.
I vote for an unwitting disinformationist that is genuinely trying to do good, and is right about a lot of things. I also vote that this is only opinion, I don't know, and neither do you. I'm big enough to admit I don't know for sure though. You are not.

As for you in are of the Left and say all the usual Left things.
As opposed to what? Being left and saying all the usual Right things? Muppet.

You speak of tolerence and claim i am a fascist! Have a look at your own reply's hippy...remove the beam in your eye before you point out the splinter in mine.
I don't say do what I do...

Seriously, it was only you attacking me, and accusing me of something that was completely untrue that got my back up. Just cause I believe in tolerence doesn't mean I shouldn't defend myself from people who unjustly attack my character and accuse me of being insane.

You are in essence a reactionary. The Globalists set up an ultra right wing Bush, to energise the limp wristed left which they finance and encourage. Goerge Soros flits here and there "promoting democracy" and stating that "money is no problem".

The soloution to all these 'fascists' is the multi lateral U.N and world government.
LMAO yeah with loads of Nukes pointed at each other to boot. This is some Utopia you speak of, can I come?!?! :-D

None of the Police State aparatus put in place by the nasty fascists will be removed by the "hippy" Left. In fact they will add to it stating they must ensure the nasty fascists never get back in...they will add "hate crime" and speaking out about history as a crime and lock people up who speak against the State...just ask Ernst Zundel.
LMAO again. To say this shows you have no perception of what libralism is about. We are told we live in a free society, but we are not. I want a free society. I'd like a liberal government, but moreso I want a government that represents the views of the majority of the country. If the majority of the country wanted a power hungry war monger in power then I respect that, but if propaganda is used to condition what the majority of the country want, then we are ruled by a media dictatorship, and are not free at all.

I want people, like you, to be educated, so you have a chance to understand that war and hate is not a compulsary element of civilization, just because that is how its been for thousands of years. Technology has reached a point now where your beloved nukes could wipe life off this planet if war, mistrust and hate continue to reign. If people are educated fairly on all the sides of the story and still decide to nuke each other? Well I guess it's just meant to be and I have to accept that.

But to believe that war, mistrust, hate and other negative elements of humanity are doing us any good is a very jaded and sad outlook to have.

You believe in a Christian heaven that you reach in the next life. I beleive in heaven that we can strive to create in this life. I respect your beliefs, as much as I disagree with them, so why can't you respect mine??

By all means eat your lentils and commute on your hydrogen powered bus. You will never see Soros or your reptile friend Rothschild on there...they're to busy laughing at the stupid left for falling for it all.
So you don't believe in pollution as well as lizards, then?

How about evolution? Do you believe that? Dinosaurs? do you believe in them?

How do you handle those contradictions to your belief system? Or do you just not try to think about it too much?

If it is ever possible, try going back 4000 years and tell someone that their ansestors are monkeys, or that the Earth is round, and see what their response is.

I imagine it will be similar to your response to Icke is, which is why I choose not to rule anything out, even if I find it astronomically unlikely.

This doesn't make me insane, this gives me a healthy open belief system that allows me to explore all realms of possibility with an open and unjudgemental mind.

I know no one on this forum has jumped to my defence, and I don't expect them to... they're probably fond of you. you've been around here a few months, and when you have not been riled up I'm sure you're a nice enough guy. But notice that apart from your friend nohope no one has exactly come running into this thread to back YOU up.

I welcome it. Someone throw this guy a bone, back him up, and rip this trouble causing n00b to high heaven if you feel I haven't got a valid point for being angry about this.

And as for posting my PM, how immature can you get? I sent that to you privately cause i wanted to give u a chance off the forum to admit you were wrong, and I would have left it alone.

I apologize for being angry and a little nasty with you, but when someone goes making unfounded and untrue accusations it's very hard not to.

I'm not responding any more, so please feel free to make a final reply that makes you feel you've won the argument, I promise I won't reply and screw it up for you this time.

And I apologize to everyone in this forum for my part in this angry thread, I just don't like being accused of being fickle, it is the personality trait I hate most, and it gets my back up.

Goodbye properly this time.
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