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Default Re: More Realistic 'Battle' Plan

Im with you on this.

However it seems to me that most people dont want know the truth because they could'nt handle it. Lets say we unravel the last few threads on the ever thinning blanket of deception and reveal to the world that we are merely slaves to the rich and political elite.

Do you really think people are going to fight a long side us when the shit hits the fan. Or simply do what they've been brainwashed to do from birth and comply with whatever "the man" says. Even if it means sacrificing true freedom.

Making us in to the enemy. The destroyers of there cosy lives. How are we supposed to compete against the media, the military and the money.

Im here now doing my bit. Do i seriously think it will make a difference? Not really but i'll do it anyway!

"No alarms and No supprises" to quote Thom yorke

Thats the mentality were facing and i believe its so deep seeded that even the blunt truth wont sway people in to action.
Algerbra - All the knowlege we have is created by us. Can we be trusted?

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