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Default Re: Introduction & The Vast Satanic Conspiracy

Originally Posted by mello..melliexo View Post
Obviously i can't say for sure that this person is telling the truth though what he is talking about on the other hand is another story.
Why do you say that there is only a possibility of satanic abuse conforming to one way, are you just basing this on what knowledge you have attained concerning this topic because it is extremely broad and i can say for sure that you are wrong. i suggest you do some further research into the matter because this is not a legitimate reason for your statement.

why do you think hollywoods picture of what satanist get upto is fictitious? who lead you to think this way?
Im not saying hollywoods depiction of satanic ritual is wholey false i was merely pointing out that the the story that this member claims to be his/her own real life story. Sounds like its lifted directly from one of these movies.

As for my knowlege of satanic ritual. Its not a subject im particularly passionate about. I think researching it would bore me to death. The bit about the boy found in the river Thames did happen. I remember the news and programmes at the time. Its the only case i personaly know anything about. So i may not have a deep knowlege of the subject but this story he's dreamt up is still bull shit.
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