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Default Re: The school system is no longer about learning

Oh, I definitely like the way t looks, in your idea. I wish I could have had schooling just like that. I agree all too often they teach what really isn't necessary or something that is truly uninteresting to a person, and, as a result, causes that person to either fail or just barely pass that course because of teh disinterest in it. As an example, during my elementary and secondary education, I took American history for five freaking years straight. This wasn't because I failed or anything like that. It was the way they had the curriculum arranged from 4th until 9th grade. IT SUCKED!!! I hate history, as a result. I love world history, culture, geography, etc., but I detest American history. I know it, but I don't give a damn anymore and it just won't come out when I want at times. I know many kids that experience that feeling with many different subjects. If we could make subjects more interesting, though, I don't think it'd be as much of a problem. In my freshman year of high school, once again taking American history, I actually aced that class because the instructor made class interesting instead of boring. When I tutored mathematics at college, I related the subject to everyday life. I made it more understandable by creating situations where math would be necessary in everyday life. It was wonderful seeing those light bulbs go off in their heads, having finally understood some difficult part of mathematics. Unfortunately, most teachers have become disinterested in the subjects they teach, which winds up leaking out to their students. *shakes head* We have too large of a teacher/student ratio in classrooms. We have too many expecting students to be passed on to the next grade, even though they have failed the class grade-wise, just because that student either has a disability or had "difficulties" in life that gave an excuse to not pass. Teachers don't want to rock the boat and actually do as is expected, teaching and either failing or passing each student as their work deems necessary. Now, I can see a bunch of people hollering at me for my comment on disabled students. I am not saying all disabled students should not be allowed to pass on further until they know the subject as regular students do, but I am saying they need to focus more on teaching than what they do with the disabled students. Anymore, it's like it's an acceptable practice to keep our disabled students "dumb." I understand instilling in these children that they should be able to accept themselves as they are, just as others should with them. Unfortunately, it seems they have taken that one step further, though, and do not feel the need to push those students to learn at maximum capacity.

What is my final word on this subject? The educational system, as a whole, has become extremely lazy.

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
Yeah thats a fair point but what is it the current system is actually teaching people? Everything or Nothing? Like the original post said most of the stuff go's in one ear and out the other either because of information overload or lack of interest. That why teachers only teach whats on the tests, because theres not enough time to teach a whole subject.

Yes people will change their minds and want to try something new, but i think the majority of people would stick to something they enjoy. Especialy if say from the age of 14 you couple it wth work based experience cutting the ammount of time teachers are needed.

As for expense If you divide the secondry schools up in to variouse groups ie. Mathmatics and sciences. then have specialised departments within those schools. I dont think the cost would be a lot more than our current system. Any additional costs would also be out wayed by lower unemployment and less kids leaving school with nothing at all, both economicaly and socialy. It would be a great benifit. hyperthetically speaking of course. lol
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