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Default Re: Reptilians - It was right under your nose the whole time

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
I would like to see what triple-blind study you are referencing that shows any correlation between auto-immune diseases and pharmacuticals in general.
I'm not going to go out of my way just to please someone who only believes what they want to anyways. Besides the internet is beyond regulated. It would be fairly tough to find many articles that clearly state that pharmacuticals can cause auto-immune disease, seeing how the government is pushing more and more pills on people with the obvious intent of keeping the masses drugged up and left in an almost hypnotic state. I think its something like 1/5 americans today are on some type of pill. Now I'm fairly sure they wouldn't be going around blabbing there mouth off about all the side effects of these pills when there trying to get more people on them. However you can just look up drug induced lupus on google and find many articles that clearly state pharmacuticals are causing 'DIL' in alot of people. Just look it up, the info is there. I would love to see you find any articles that state what they even use for fillers in all these pharmacuticals they market to the masses.

Hate to admit it but my reptilian theory was a sham. Like honestly its one thing to believe in aliens but to believe in shape-shifting negative beings is just totally far fetched. I got a kick outta the replies though.
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