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Default Re: Have these forums been infultrated?

Originally Posted by albie View Post
There's only one sure fire way to attack conspiracy. You cannot do it directly by arguing the points because you'll be found out if you are lying. Your typical debunker is ruled out there, unless he's attacking a really stupid forum with people who believe anything without checking. The only REAL way is to have people like Out of the box and Eye Kon. Who deliberatley make themselves look like fools on forums to make ALL theorists look like fools.

it's the only way to do it, and they sure do it.

Of course they could just be idiots...
After reading Eye Kon's posts about witnesing a shapeshifter and the U.FO's come from within the planet. Id have to say that he's a bit of both. Making a mockery of the conspiracy with dumb claims and without bieng able to offer any evidence, and foolish to think that people cant see through his attempts to discredit us. I havent got to out of the box yet but i've got a feeling it will be more of the same.
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