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Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
Ive heard it mentioned that Autism may be the begining of the next phase in human evolution. Hence the amazing abilitys some autistic people have with memory and maths etc.

How this evolutionary transgression was spearned however could be the result of government attempts to create super humans. Walking bio computers. Or it could be entirely natural but imperfect as of yet.

If you could sacrifice the disire or need to interact with the world and instead channel your mind in to pursuing complex mathmatics or hyper memory abilities. Then would you display the kind of symtoms Autistic people seem to.

As for why this seems to be a prodominately male disorder. It could be that nature recognizes that the male is the superior sex, worthy of an evolutionary leap.

calm down ladies only joking. I couldnt resist.

If anybody else knows a bit more about the evo theory let me know. I think it could be worthy of a thread or two.
Ah yes, Jenny McCarthy's "Indigo Children" idea. More likely all of that nonsense is just her using Woo to justify her denial that something is actually wrong with her child.
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