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Default Re: December 27... U.S To Be Nuked?

If I were Satan.. I would set the thing off on Christmas..
Yes, but the conspirators are almost all government employees, so you know they're never going to work on a legal holiday...sorry, couldn't resist.
Seriously, I doubt whether this plan will be implemented now, or even if it existed in the frist place. (If so, then I join in the kudos for the valiant German agents and their efforts.)
What this does indicate to me is that something is in the offing very, very soon.
The hullabaloo over the Homeland Security Director position also piques my interest. Ridge is obviously a high-level Illuminati asset like Reagan and targeted for further advancement, so they would want him out of the way before any more major acts of terror occurred that could tarnish his resume. And the rumors about Bernard Kerik seem suspiciously superficial. I have to question whether Kerik found out through his own sources that he was about to be set up and fabricated his own negative publicity as an excuse to step down. The lack of an immediate successor or anyone ostensibly lobbying for the appointment is also somewhat suspicious. Seems like a plum job that nobody wants...Hmmm...
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