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Default Re: Reptilians - It was right under your nose the whole time

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Sure, but then again you think that you were in MKULTRA, and I'm the one living in an alternate reality. lol
I don't think that I was IN MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

I KNOW that I was a victim and am a survivor of MKULTRA/Project Monarch; a trauma-based mind control program.

I can confirm this and you cannot disavow it with a LOL! or not.

Obviously, you do not possess knowledge regarding CIA mind control programs, because, although, MKULTRA and various other mind control programs such as BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, etc. have been acknowledged through documents released under the FOIA and Monarch confirmed by COLBY, you want to make light of a person who was subjected to torture and trauma in these programs and believe that when one claims they were a victim, it's nonsense.

Just the same as you degraded the female soldier in the thread I posted and the one who was apparenlty under your command.

You are an anonymous poster on an internet forum who knows nothing at all about my victimization in a CIA/government sponsored mind control program or anything else about me for that matter.

Since I was subjected to their experimentation; trauma; torture and mind control tactics, I would be ONE of those who can attest to the fact that these technques, to a lesser degree than those that mind control victims were subjected to individually, have been deployed upon the masses from cradle to grave and you, my friend, would not be one who can do the same.

I was there and you were not.

Therefore, the reason I possess INTELLIGENCE as to this matter and you do not.

This is exactly why I don't live in an altered state of reality.

I know what their techniques are and I know how they are used upon the population at large.

And, again, I would know this because I was a victim and am a survivor of MKULTRA/Project Monarch; an OPERATIVE, as well, and you were not a victim of a mind control program nor are you an OPERATIVE in the sense that I am.

An OPERATIVE, quite possibly, in another form and/or fashion.

Not the good kind, however.


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