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Default Operation White Washed Tombs: Beware of This Crooked Pastor!

Associated Press

FOND DU LAC, Wis. - Officials at a Fond du Lac church say they've been repaid by a former pastor accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the church's holiday offerings.

The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church says the Rev. Stuart Zak has repaid the congregation $10,000 over the past two weeks, restoring the amount that was allegedly taken.

For more..Fond du Lac pastor accused of theft repays $10,000 --

As I have said Operation White Washed Tomb is a project to "out" pastors, priests and ministers who are living unethical lives. My hope is that you will remember this man's names and if you see him as a pastor of a church..DON'T GO!! Remember this name: Stuart Zak.

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