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Default Slavery still exists?

Would you agree that slavery still exists? and would you accept that you are a slave?

What if you were convinced that you are free when actually your the property of the government that rules your country.

So what is it that makes us feel like were free in our current society in the first place. Our ability to choose our own carier path. Our ability to Earn money and then buy what ever we want with it.

The problem i have with this is. Money itself is created by the government. It costs them nothing to produce. Then when you get a job and start earning it they take it back off you again. Meaning that in essence you've actually been working for free.

Lets say you buy a car. The money go's to the dealer who pays his bills and taxes with it which sends it strait back in to the hands of the people who made it in the first place. The Government. Its the same for everything you can imagine spending your money on.

So buy using money. Are they creating a false sense of freedom. Whilst all along using us as slaves to expand there own intrests?

Let me know what you think and if you can think of any other tools of false freedom.

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